Sunday, February 26, 2012


how to make a


kiss me plaque

one mans trash is my

 Can u belive this beauty was


Just a quick tip....if you recieved roses for valentines day and they are starting to die dont toss them.. hang them upside down to  hold their shape for a few wks, that way u get to keep them and display them for a long time. these roses were given to me by my boys and i wanted  to display them so i added a few lit decor to them.

shelfs in the restroom

this is in my restroom, but i wanted to give it

Saturday, February 25, 2012

i will cont to post all of my diy project n also will learn how to display then correctly. thx for stoping by xoxox

kitchen towel

here another one i

kitchen towel one

 Stay put kitchen towel made by n i

reupholstering chair

This was an ugly chair/sofa n d hubby wanted to toss it so i decided to reupholster it, sorry but didnt take any before pic, i am not a professional but came out ok....

wooden plaque

My oldest son Ali

Paper wreath

We do not need to wait til xmas

tote bag

went to d thrift shop with josie and

sofa pillows

these r sofa pillows da

nail designs

this is a very

clutch purse

ready to hit d club....with this stylish so simple yet cute
d polish is

blue and gray eyeshaow and curly hair do. lol

zebra nails

zebra nails.....

Home decor...

home decor using toilet paper rolls.....

very inexpensive way to strating to blog to show my lit craft projects but i cant seem to finish customizing it, if yall can help send me tips....thx