Saturday, March 31, 2012

wall sconces

Wall Sconces
 Shanty 2 chic has a  video on how to make these sconces and when i saw it i wanted to make  them myself.

1. first i got 2 - 2x6 24 inches and 2 - 2x6 4 inches i glued the small piece to the large piece about 7 inches from the bottom.
 the girls form shanty 2 chic used iron piece decor for the upper part of the scones,  i had to improvise and used drawer handles, i spray painted them black
 i also painted the finials black and glued them to the bottom of the small piece, everything was spray painted black.
 sorry but im just learning to post and give instructions on how to make projects.
this is the final product. hope you guys like it.

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