Thursday, January 31, 2013

valentine card

Love is in the air, with valentines day around d corner, im continueing to make more cards. heres more ideas, hope u guys like it. xoxo

michaels 90% off sale

hey guys i just came from michaels and got a lot of stuff for ten dollars. The items were on sale a whopping 90% off. The sticker price tells you regular price then sale price plus 90% off the sale, thy even have a sheet to tell u how much you will pay. I dont know about u but thats awesome!,  Go check it out, they have racks of the sale items. xoxo

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

thrift store coupon

I love thrift shopping, so does my bff blanca de la garza who is my partner in crime. We shop thru out the year at value village but the best deal is when d thrift store prints these coupons which is for 50% off entire balance. since we love to save lots of mula to our hubbys (pablo and angel) we take advantage of the coupon. so i wanted to share the coupon with you guys.


this is what i have to wear since my dog seems to love to hide my slippers, its like hes saying i know where it is  at but not telling i cant b mad i love him!

bundle monster nail designs

hey yall! i was a bit bored n had to use my bundle monster plates, 203 to b exact.  lol hope u guys like them! xoxo

wood scraps

During the summer my bff n i saw a pile of wood in different sizes, on the side of the curb, we stop n took the best pieces. I had seen these crosses at a craft show n wanted 20.00 dollars for one. so i made mine.

items needed:
wood scraps
fabric flowers
acrylic paint

first i sanded down each piece then made d cross n glued it
i then painted them but i watered down the acrylic pain
once the paint was dry i sanded hem a lit bit. And last i embelished them. we are done. How easy is that?

valntine wreath

ohhh love is in the air......with this cute valentines wreath, this is sitting in my front door.

my bff

this is my beautiful bff, 

monk costume

this past halloween my youngest son wanted a monk coatume n when i saw the prices i just didnt want to pay 40.00 dollars for it.  i decided to make make it myself, the fabic cost me only 5 dollars. i think it came out ok......xoxo

Valentines cards

lve is in th air since valntine is right around the corner i made a few cards foe that apecial aomeone in your life. i used my cuttlebug so here are some ideas for v cards, xoxo!

the craftygemini

hi bloggers!  so i love watching thecraftygemini on youtube, she made this realy cute hat with ear flaps n since i liked so much i wanted to try it. so this is how it came out, i made several of them, she didnt had any lit bling stonea n i just had to blig it out wirh hello kitty iron on. Go check out her yt channel.

silly izzy

im so excited since i found that i can post thru my phone jajaja im suck a dork, anyway have a great day! xoxo

bag holder n towels

hey guys so i have started making these again, heres another cute idea for a valentines gift for a mom. very cute for he kitchen!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Im back!!

Hi my beautiful bloggers! Happy new year! I know im 30 days past the new yr but better late than never.

Anyway, just wanted to let u guys know that im back! Lol i will b posting my tutorials n tips.  Im super excited because im thinking of doing vid tutorials, let me know wut u guys think.  Since im kinda new on the blogging world, i still dont know how to finish setting up my blog for example  how in the world do u label n set up different folders( if thats what they r called) Anyway, so as i keep playing with it i will cont to post my tut. Stick around at izzys craft world. Xoxo