Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY fixing broken eyeshadow

Hi beautiful bloggers! I want to give you a little tip on broken eye shadows, dont throw them away. They can be fixed so keep reading to find out how to fix them.

These are very simple to do

Items needed

Tweezers or tooth pick
Broken eyeshadow


1.   You happened to drop your eyeshadow and  this happens, all broken into pieces well  don't throw it away.

2.   Brake up the eyeshadow with tweezers even the not broken piece.

3.   try to brake it up as a loose powder and leave no lumps.

4.   After you have a podwer like place it back on the eyeshadow container.

5.   Add the alcohol a capful enough to get  it all wet but not spilling over.

6.   Place the napkin over the eyeshadow and began to pat it all over.

7.   Make sure you pat it evenly so it looks nice.

8.   Now at this point let it dry over nite.

9.   This is what it looks when all done, now you are ready to use it.

Thank you for stopping by and check back for more tutorials, xoxo

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