Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas paper ornaments

The holidays are here!!!!!! So i love to make little crafts and this year i wanted to make an ornament that i can use in our tree. If your intrested in finding out how to make this cute christmas ornament tree  continue reading. 

Supplies needed:
Cuttlebug machine
Vintage book brown stamp ribbon ( any color)
Gold glitter
Glue (i used modge podge)

First you will need to cut out 2 christmas trees with your cuttlebug out of a vintage book. I also cut out a christmas tree  from a piece of cardborad. I then glued one tree cutout on each side of the cardbord. The cardboard will add stability to the vintage paper. If you  dont own a cuttlebug you can buy the cut outs from a craft store. This is the die i used from sizzix. 

Next I applied glue (i used modge podge) on all around the edge of the cut out and applied the glitter.
Sorry i forgot to take pic when i was appling the glitter sorry.

After appling the glitter make sure its dry before continuing to the next step. I applied the brown color directly from the stamp not only did i do the edge but i also did most of the body of the tree.


After you are done this is what the christmas ornament is going to look like. I hope you enjoyed making this little project. If you make them please let me know how it turned out. Thank you for visiting my blog. Xoxo Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!

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